How Search Engines Work

search engine optimization techniqueWhen you search for something in Google or any other search engine, an algorithm works in real-time to bring you what that search engine thinks the best result.

Precisely, Google scans its index of hundreds of billions of pages to find a set of results that will best answer your search.

How does Google determine the best result?

search engine optimization servicesEven though Google doesn’t make the inner workings of its algorithm public, based on filed patents and statements from Google, we know that websites and web pages are ranked based on:

If you search for chocolate chip cookie recipes, you don’t want to see web pages about truck tires.

That’s why Google looks first-and-foremost for pages that are closely related to your keyword.

However, Google doesn’t merely rank the most relevant pages at the top. That’s because there are thousands or even millions of related pages for every search term.